R.C Shine & Glow Pudding

R.C Shine & Glow Pudding

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This product is brought to you by R.C Hair Solutions. The formula provides the perfect glossy finish and lasting hold without flaking and stickiness. Apply a small amount of the pudding to the desired section of your hair, smooth along the lengths of hair and simply style as desired.

  • Sulphur free

  • Suitable for all hair types

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Shine & Glow


Suitable for all hair textures. This formula adds the perfect glossy finish and lasting hold without flaking and stickiness.

Instructions for use: Apply a small amount of the pudding to the desired section of your hair, smooth along the lengths of hair and simply style as desired.

Ingredients: Shea Butter, Petroleum, Black Castor Oil, Benzoate, Aqua, Cinnamal, Glycerine, Parfum PEG-12 Polysorbate 20, Disodium Edta, Triethanolamine, Linalool, Lysmeral, Sulphur free.

Styling suggestions:

Braids: Apply to the roots before braiding to give a sleek finish to the roots.

Short cuts & Bobs: Apply after styling for a controlled, high shine touch.

Curls: To add definition to your curls and tame the frizz, apply the gel solution to your fingertips and gently massage into your hair.

Precautions: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply where there is irritation to the skin. 

Results can vary depending on hair texture.


Client reviews:

‘I love how the product smooths the hair down! I regularly use this to stye my top bun, it looked so slick - I love it!’

‘Honestly this product is amazing! Buh-bye gel!’

‘I love the 'Hair Pudding' which was used to slick down my edges. It lasts all day and doesn't leave any white marks. Would definitely recommend!’

The pudding is amazing it allows my curls to really shine through and isn’t too greasy or heavy , it smells amazing and is really nourishing , doesn’t leave any white residues on the hair or dries it out like most products . I love the pudding because it’s very versatile  I can use it for my hairstyles , I use it as a moisturiser when I do wash and go because it really defines my curls , I use it when I do a sleek ponytail because of the shine and hold it give me and when I do twists because it allows my hairstyle to last longer and stays hydrated for longer. Definitely one of the best products I’ve come across.’

I have been using RC Hair solutions Glow Defining pudding on my toddler for over 5 months.

Being a first time mother with a baby with a full head of hair, I had various issues with getting to know her hair. 

The main issue was finding a product that defined her curl patten as well as laying the hair down without having to use gel or have to wash it out. Anything I used would not hold it down her hair down and if it did, it letf her hair flaky and dry. 

The 1st time this product was used in her hair, within in minitues I could see her curls stating to pop and more defined. I was so amazed and excited by the outcome, it looked so amazing and super soft, not only could I see the curls but her edges also managed stayed layed which was one of my several issues with her hair.

I now use this product after washday as part of her hair regime.

A very special thank you RC Hair solutions for making a product that works so well for my daughters type of hair.

A product ill recommend for all hair types to try.

Cant wait to try future products especial aimed for baby and kids hair.

I have been using Shine and Glow pudding with my hair in extensions and I have definitely received the results I’ve been looking for. It made my hair grow and shine , along with making my hair healthy. I definitely recommend you buy this product and I guarantee you will would be happy with the outcome.

I have been using Shine & Glow style defining pudding for just over a year and i love it. I have a short hair style and this product keeps my hair in place all day. I have noticed my hair is getting thicker and healthy. By using the pudding i am able to maintain the style for a longer than other products i have used. Friends and family have noticed the changes to my hair quality and i put it down to the hair pudding. Thank you RC hair solutions for introducing me to this fantastic product that i will now use for life.

I have been using Shine and Glow Defining pudding for over 3 months. I have always had issues with my edges staying down due to the texture of my hair. Anything I used would not hold it down. The 1st time this product was used in my hair was when I had big cornrows with extensions put it. My main concern was my natural hair standing out and not having that slick relaxed look. I was so wrong and amazed by the outcome, it looked amazing as if I had permed my hair. I now use it on my edges which keeps it down for the whole day and no flaking is left behind. I also tried it on my 9 year olds hair, it works so amazing. It gives her that slick look with no flaking afterwards. Even after putting it in a few days in a row there was still no flaking and very easy to comb afterwards. Not only me but my daughter loves this product. I can honestly say i have never come across a product like this. 

Thank you RC Hair solutions for making a product that works for my type of hair

I have used this product for just over 5 months now. Since using it I haven’t purchased any other. It’s an all rounder, holds down stubborn hair, helps regrowth look non existent. The most important thing I love about it is that it does not to make your hair oily or hard simply your hair returns to it’s usually form the next day. It is a excellent product and I have recommended it to all my friends. Well done Becky proud of your sis.

I have only been using Shine & Glow style defining pudding for 1 month.  I wear a weave however some of my own hair is left out to blend with the weave.  I use the pudding on my hair, it smells gorgeous, is great for smoothing down edges and makes my hair super soft. I will continue using this product and definitely use this on a permanent basis when I take my weave out.’

‘I have been using Shine and Glo Style defining pudding since August 2018 it is an amazing product. I must confess I have been a bit of a hair product junky, trying everything new on the market that I think will make my hair behave the way I want it to . Well...., I want to tell you my search was over when I found this pudding. My hair loves it, and responds beautifully every time I use it, the pudding moistens my hair, it lays down my edges aka baby hair like a new born baby and I’m not a youngster, and it emphasises my curl pattern beautifully, it smells amazing and I simply love it. All of the other well known products on the market have not made my hair respond in this way. I can’t wait until the entire hair community gets the opportunity to experience and use this product, I believe their hair will thank them for it.’